Girls, My period came a week early while on birth control?

I am 21 and take birth control pills. I am very good at taking them at thd correct time every day.
My last period started Dec 8th. I started my period today, Jan 2nd. I still have a week of pills left before my period is supposed to come.
This has never happened to me before.
Is this normal? I'm getting all my typical period symptoms.

I am sexually active with my boyfriend but its very unlikely I am pregnant because of my birth control. I also started to take a new acne medication due to my horrible acne.
I know no one on here is a gyn, but has this ever happened to any of you guys?


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  • I'm on BC and once I had a week of spotting before my real period started. I just call it spotting because it was no where near the amount of blood of my real period. Spotting is typical of BC and it's happened to me before where I just randomly spot, but this one time it happened for a full week right before my real period started.

    I think you're fine, but if you're really worried you can call your gyno. You can also wait and see what happens next week when you start the period pills. When you start the new month of pills when your period is supposed to end, it should go away.

    • My period is pretty irregular as well. Some months I won't get it at all. Others I may be a week late. I've just never gotten it early before, its strange to me haha.
      I've spotted once before last year, so maybe its that.

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