Does dirty talk turn a girl on?

I was talking to a classmate

i was curious bout her boobs they are a 42h or something like that and i promis you... i promise i was not being sexual.. i was admiring like 'They are nice but don't they hurt your back'

just questions like that and randomly she starts sending me pictures i promise i didn't ask for them i promise.. and she started sending..

it surprised me but ofcourse i didn't complain

does talk like this turn her on?
I've known her for a few years but never really looked at her boobs sexually until now.. i looked at them as a pain and a nuesence, and felt sorry for her

(Shes a classmate of mine, I've always been friends with her for like almost 3 years and texted her like daily but i honestly felt sorry for her lugging them around.. i knw sh has major back pain only this year did i start seeing them as attractive or sexual)
i doubt she likes me though I've never seen signs of it
she was probably just showing pictures to show what she has to lug around I don't know

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it wasn't a picture of her boobs just out. it was like

a picture of her laying down and they were like falling out of her bra but it wasn't of her plain boobs sorry i forgot to add that


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  • that isn't even dirty talk. id be creeped out by that tbh. i also think her responding to that by sending u photos is fucking pathetic.

    • read the update i forgot to say it wasn't plain boob photos it was photos of her boobs in her bra while she was laying down

      you might as well say they were plain boobs becasue everyhting was falling out

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    • I think i want to delete them i know they look good but it doesn't feel right..

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  • She probably likes you already, and she knows you're paying attention to them so she wants to use them to her advantage

    • I think that was the only reason we became good friends because i didn't pay attention... now its weird that she wants me to

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  • You're questions were far from dirty talking, I think since you showed some interest she might of gotten the wrong impression and also you said that you text on the dayli basis with her so there you have it. Just observe her, if she changes anything I think that will be your answer

    • i just hope we can keep our friendship

  • Dirty talk always turns me on. Especially when my man isn't with me so say if he's away and he starts talking I get wet lol and then he starts telling me all the nasty things he wants to do to me I can't help but touch myself and then we both end up masturbating together. It really gets me off as well as him. Even the simple sound of him eating me out turns me on so when he's away he'll make sounds as if he's eating my pussy and that gets me off in seconds!!

  • Yes, a lot of women like dirty talk, but asking a girl if her boobs cause back pain isn't dirty talk. She's young and insecure and seeking validation, that's why she sent you the photos. She wants to hear that she's hot.

    • she wants me to tell her that?

  • She probably just likes you! Dirty talk! Come on! Can't you take a hint!

    • thats kinda a weird way to tell me though

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    • i would have wanted to know she had a thing for me but its like she's springing this on me and no puns intended...

    • Eh... don't worry about it~!

  • Dirty talk does turn some girls on. I'm not one of them. It can get really awkward, really fast.

    • i thought it was going to get awkward when i first asked her dont they kill your back but the convo went on and on and.. this is basically where we are she didn't seem to mind the questions... or sending th pictures obv...

    • What you asked her isn't dirty talk in my eyes. It's just an offbeat question.

    • yeah i didn't even know they hurted your back if they were big like that my mm had a breast reduction thats the only reason i know

  • Of course dirty talk turns us on or sexting wouldn't be invented.

    But I don't think that has to do with your situation I think she's into you or at least horny.

    • i kind of like her but i dont, she gets a lot of attention from a lot of students even the perverted ass janitor but i wasn't really attracted at first i felt sorry for her because
      all the girls jealous of her calling her names
      the guys wouldn't leave her alone
      and she couldn't help it.. so i became friends with her and ignored her boobs well tried to and now its like she's trying to put them all in my face and its just weird

    • Yeah you may have felt bad for her but you might not need to it sounds like she likes the attention that she gets. She loves the guys drooling over her, the girls wishing they could be her, and is now trying to seduce you because you're the only one that has failed to have her as the center of attention.

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  • no. they prefer dick pics

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