I don't see any point in putting effort into my appearance anymore... do my reasons make sense?

I'm not ugly but I'm not sexy either... I'm average.

I've always had a flair for the over-the-top & extravagant, I don't like to do something unless I give it my all and can make something unique out of it... so of course that transferred over to how I maintain my appearance.

BUT lately I just don't see the point anymore, with the way things have went in the past 5 months from a friend passing away to having a chance of starting a relationship with 2 different girls (one of which I had been interested in for years and then having her talk-down to me & remove me from her life) and not having anything going on... I just don't see the point anymore.

So on New Years Eve I walked into the bathroom cut my intricate facial hair to stubble, left the house to see people I knew and no one gave a shit & no one has really cared since - I know this sounds shallow but they always commented on my curly mustache/beard... I also miss my signature look.

And now I feel like I should finish the transformation by getting a second pair of clipper and cutting my long hair off to something boring and uniform.

And I'll I can do is ask myself - why shouldn't I?

***I also find it funny that most guys "I don't care anymore" look usually involves them growing their hair long and not cutting it while mine is the exact opposite (cutting it all off).***

  • Maybe your intricate style is too much and by giving up/letting go you are actually doing yourself a favor...
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  • Finish the transformation...
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  • Give it some time maybe you won't feel this way in a week, no need destroy your appearance when you are upset...
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  • Don't buy clippers, go to a quality salon/barbershop and get a makeover, it would be better than giving up...
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  • Other/I don't know... I'll leave a comment.
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  • Well you said you're average you must be somewhat attractive or at least stand out more with your beard/moustache or you wouldn't be missing it so.

    Maybe you do need a new look maybe cutting your hair short will actually suit you although many guys wear their hair like that and you should allow your facial hair to grow back so you can have apart of yourself back the part that you like.

    It may just be a good combination.

    • It will take half a year or more to get it back to what it was... but I kind of feel like destroying myself so I no longer care about anything. If I remove & rid myself of everything I care about maybe I'll be free from wants and desires... or maybe not, but I almost feel like it's necessary.

      If I'm average wouldn't it make me less desirable to do something that isn't necessarily preferred (intricate facial hair & long hair... other things I do)?

      I don't know, that one girl really upset me. She could have been what I needed/what I was lacking in my life but now I feel like she pushed me to the breaking point and I've already snapped a little bit... and everything else is going to make me break completely.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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