Is this an appropriate consequence?

Me and my brother are living together with my newborn baby which we just recently moved in together due to the fact that my mom was wanting him out of the house and he had nowhere else to go so I agreed to move in with him well one day I come home and I smell smoke in the hallway I messaged my brother and asked what is that smell? He tells me he didn't know so I told him, made it very clear, that I'd better not find out there was smoking going on in the house or there'd be a big problem he told me ok well I thought that the fact that I'd mentioned it to him and also threatened that there'd be a problem that would be the end of it WRONG!

the very next day I'm in my room sleeping me and the baby when I wake up to an illegal smelling drug this time (weed) in my room I notice it's 2am in the morning I go out into the hallway and can smell the weed throughout the whole house I messaged him again and asked why do I smell smoke again? He tells me he doesn't know and that him and his friend are just playing the game I didn't respond back because I knew what I had smelt and I didn't have time for his bs games again

the next day we were due to go to my mother's house to eat and I found it to be the perfect time to ask my brother to his face (since he's a terrible liar when confronted about anything) if his friend had smoked, a general question, he didn't respond just looked at me in silence I told him that's all I needed to know which he responded we were just playing the game. I took time to calm down about the whole thing and later called him out in person told him that I had a little baby in the house he should know better than to smoke or let someone smoke with there being not only a baby but a newborn in the house, eventuslly i told him we werent leasing again ti prepare to find somewhere else to go after the lease well I want to know is that going toon far to not lease again knowing that he probably won't be ready to go out on his own and live wh


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  • No that is perfectly reasonable