Wouldn't this hurt you?

Apparently my mom and I didn't want to go to her house for Christmas. And I thought it was rude not visiting after awhile. So I called. I asked " do you want me to come over today" she's like no, I don't want you to come over. She sounded like 😒Ugh it's her. Then she told me when to come. I'm like I thought u didn't want me to come she's like I'm just joking. Usually joking leads to a truth I don't know


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  • Yeah kinda of...

    • I thought so 😞 It's like she was trying to make me come to her house. We are the one calling all the time and not her. She didn't call us to say happy new year. She didn't call us for Christmas... Everytime I'm around her i show myself weak like she's powerful

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    • ohhh! I am sorry I am not much help!

    • Ik 😞 I feel like she's more powerful than me