Any idea on what to use egg yolkes for?

So im trying this mean plan , but some of the meals require many egg whites, but not the yolk. So what can I make with the yolkes that is healthy? I dont like wasting food like that


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  • Add sugar and whisk by hand with a fork for a long time to create a sweet dip, which goes really well with biscotti (which conveniently produces leftover egg yolk). You can also add cocoa/cacao powder to add a chocolate-y taste :)
    Add an extra egg yolk to pastries to enrich them, or use them as a glaze.

    Sorry, they're not exactly the most healthy ideas, but that's all I know of. :(

  • You can make homemade pasta.

  • Custard is not too unhealthy.

    • True. . But that means I would have to make piece or something too

    • You can have set custard in a bowl, like a creme brulee but not as rich and without the sugar crust.

  • Just buy the cartons of egg whites.

    • I Have never seen that in my intire life, but I guess I could look for it

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    • Im in Norway , we have to separate Our eggs, haha

    • I think whole eggs are quite healthy though I do use egg whites in smoothies.

      Most recipes that are egg yolk heavy are fairly high calorie. Custards, lemon butter, delicious stuff like that.

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