Why couldn't I have been born any race but black?

Ya know, I had a dream last night where my life was going fine and all of my problems were fixed, not really fine because people were still bitching at me, but I wasn't alone, wasn't completely abandoned by my friends, was sane (in the real world I'm borderline, because, of course), and was actually happy. And then I woke up to the real world, the beautiful sun shining, to remember that, in the real world, I'm nothing but some stupid black bastard that no one could ever fucking want, just a dumb ape that women find complete repulsive (which makes sense), some ugly fuck that would be better off had he never been born, who's completely alone, undesirable, and wasn't lucky enough to be some ghetto shithead to stupid to care. I think dreams are honestly the worst, things seem like they aren't too bad, only to awake into the same cruel reality. I really wish I could've been any race but black, I mean, other races are at least considered desirable, only Indian and East Asian men have it worse, but, their communities at least don't suck and don't despise any for, of intellect and passiveness.


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  • @mistnigqa808 this boy needs to see the light too
    Hey Indian and East Asian men are desirable so as black guys

    • No they really aren't, and, I should know, I actually am a black guy

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    • Look, black guys just aren't, okay, okay, so, they're attractive to black girls who aren't attractive enough to get guys of a different race, but, that's it.

    • But... I find black guys attractive

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