Why are people surprised when I state that I am not insecure about my height?

I'm a 5'6 guy and men and women are shocked when I say I wouldn't swap my height for any other. I love being 5'6, I think it's a great height and I have never experienced anything negative with my height. Why would people be surprised? Indeed why would you be surprised?


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  • I've seen a lot of guys on this site complain that "no girl likes a short guy!" (even though I know a guy who is 5'2" and dating a girl his same height and they are the cutest couple ever) but yeah, I've seen guys complain about their height a lot, so it is surprising (in a good way!) to hear from someone like you who is completely confident in his looks :)


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  • The Da Vinci guy in a circle-- like, the perfect physique-- would be 5'7"-5'8" in real life. Most shirtless dancers and performers are about that height. You are very, very close to THE ideal height to look fuckin' awesome, naked.

    My husband was a male-revue dancer. He is about 5'10" and some fraction. He always said he wanted to be 2-3 inches shorter. So he'd look better with his shirt off.

    You are fine.

    Just work out enough so that you look good with your shirt off. (;


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