Would a guy be ok with just being friends with a girl?

I met this guy at a New Years party. I was pretty drunk and I can be kinda flirty when I'm drunk. I gave him my number and we have been texting though and he wants to hang out. I do as well but I don't want to date him. Nothing personally it is just my heart is still healing from someone else and I feel like I should move on first before considering dating again. Would a guy be ok with just being friends with a certain girl?

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  • No a guy would never want to be just friends with a girl
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  • U would have to tell him u do like him (if u really do), and that u just need time to heal... Dont just friendzone him without telling him... Cuz he's probly not wanting a friend, but a girlfriend... tell him what you told us... Cuz it wouldn't be that fair to him if your still after someone else


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  • Almost never. Because almost always the guy will wanna date the girl eventually (or in the first place).

  • Well you flirted with him, and gave him your number. I assume he thinks this is going to be a date or lead to romantic and or sexual situations. You need to make it clear that its not...

    • You're right, I realized it when I wrote this question. I will definitely mention it when the time comes I just hope everything turns out ok.

  • yes, he has no choice does he.. he either does or doesn't get to even be a friend

  • Much more likely B.

    And he will feel rejected.


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