Who is more wrong here?

So I was at a new school and I was sort of confused. Like lost. What I was doing there and all.

A large part of the reason is I faced bullying in my old school and I couldn't express why I felt so detached from everyone and uninterested in everything.

Anyways, it was a very academic kind of school. I befriended this guy but he immediately left me for this other girl who used to sit beside me.

The girl was absolutely horrible to me. The first time I interacted with her she snapped, 'Everyone is really smart,' before I even got down to proper conversation with her.

Sometimes when we'd sit together and I wouldn't be saying a word to her, she'd grab my stuff and say she's going to move it because it's coming in her way in the rudest way possible. I was shocked at her behaviour but would never react because I knew she'd make a big deal out of it and turn the guy against me.

Yeah. I get it. I shouldn't be acting like that in this super-school, but my behaviour was not affecting her and she needed to shut the fuck up.


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  • It's her fault, she shouldn't be so rude, you should tell the guy about this, maybe she ha different personalities around different people

    • This one time she said, 'Good morning,' but I could tell it was really insincere. I said it back, and she was rude for the rest of the day.

      I was confused because the guy was also acting strange. I think her watching her do it he kind of thought there must be a reason and jumped in on it too without questioning why she was doing it

    • Yeah you should talk to him cuz she might be talking shit behind ur back to get to the guy

  • she's wrong because she trippin for no reason. She probably got jealous of the guy being around you

    • Yeah that's what I really don't get. He preferred her if he was willing to leave me for her, so what's her problem

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    • So she was threatened? I thought she just thought I was super dumb and lazy or something and it really affected my self-esteem. I was a bright student but so alone and lost... I felt pathetic.

    • No I've been bullied as well and I know the reasons behind it all now

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