I dare you to try this?

I dare you to take your backspace button off of your keyboard for a week.
What changes happen in the way you talk or write? I'm going to do it right now.

Everybodies being such smartasses.
The point of this is to challenge yourselves.
If you make a mistake then leave it. Everyone makes mistakes. The challenge si to have you test yourselves as @redeyemindtricks said


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  • Aha, you're trying it!

    See! Fun.

    All sorts of random shit.


    Goes beyond mechanical contraptions, too.

    My man goes away for a couple days every couple weeks. Of course I throw volley after volley of seduction his way. What's a dear wife to do, without her big strong man around?

    Anyway... when I do that? Verisimilitude.

    Okay, I just wanted to say that. But, verisimilitude.

    Sexting/messaging about...
    ... hands behind my back? No thumbs, maybe even no index fingers.
    ... discomfort? Space bar with the wrong thumb (try it, I DARE YOU, try it).
    ... baiting him? Sit up straight, even put on a fresh layer of whore-red lippie. Then go.

    You get me.

    It will affect you. Type out some stuff each way, let it sit, look at it again after a few days, notice small differences. Marvel at small differences.
    At what you can do, by manipulating yourself, by yourself.

    Then close your eyes. And think of what that someone else can do. To you.

    Then, think about "small differences" added together. For weeks, and months, and years, and years. and years.
    Not so small.

    You're a work in progress.


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  • Ah you have been talking to our writer friend - Couldn't to it I am too ordered and perfectionist

    • lol i awas so i thought it was cool and wanted to try it. no ne here is cool and will try it with m e though so its all boring

  • NP my waifu since I can just use my on-screen KB LOL

  • No way! My mom would be like "What the heck did you do? You better buy a new laptop or else!"

  • it won't change anything. I'll write as ever and just use the del button instead lol

  • You know you can highlight text and then replace it

  • nothing would happen, i would use delete button then


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  • I0m gonna do it right now too, I'm usually a slow writer so I don't need it too much to be honest XD

    Oh.. look at that xero next to the I... hahaha

  • Lol I'd look like an idiot because I make so many typos that I need to fix manually because even auto correct doesn't understand.

    • lol i do the same but im just gonna leave i t and ho[e people understand xD

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    • Oh, also?
      Look at the text, which is full of mistakes.

      And which can still be completely, easily, totally understood.

      Totally understood.


      That's how life works. Go out, make mistakes. Lots and lots and lots and lots of them.
      Big ones, small ones.
      Go fuck up.

      Look at it again.

      The fuck-ups, they subtract nothing. The whole meaning is still there.

      They might even add something.



      Life hates perfection.

      Go out and live.

      Fuck shit up.

    • That ^^ by the way, is really the point of the exercise. Weirdly deep, huh. Life is a text box.

      The point is to demonstrate that you can just fuck up tons and tons and tons of shit, and the worst possible outcome of that is non-outcome. It's nothing, or it's value added.

      Cool, huh.

      That was the main point. Although there are still lots of other reasons to try the exercise for longer.

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