What do you think of my blog site?

I created a new blog website. I am going to tie my content on GAG to my blog.
What do you think of my blog site?

I may get my own custom domain. I don't know yet

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feedback anyone?
One more think: view my blog in desktop mode.

I haven't really set up the mobile mode yet


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  • I like it very professional looking - I had a glimpse at a few posts, quite interesting

    • I appreciate it man thank you :)

    • What is your favorite article?

    • The first love article was interesting - I was surprised you felt so intensely about wanting to be her first love - That wouldn't matter to me at all

  • Copyright lawsuits pending. You have no right to copy and paste pictures to use in a personal manner.
    Topics may not be plagiarized ever.

    Reevaluate the blog site is highly recommended.

    • For one, these are images available to the public

      Two, this is a not for profit blog

    • It is highly unprofessional to use images of none original content. In a blog form and or any story that you claim to be originally of your own making.
      Profit or not laws are laws.

    • Who says I was trying to be a professional? This is amateur.

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