Why do people put educated people on a pedestal?

Like if I go home and tell someone an educated person is rude, the reaction is almost as though it's warranted. They're educated. They're better.

It it freaks me out


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  • We are!
    People like educated people because we have this special gift every wants but just is beyond their reach.

    • You are a jerk. And I hate to tell you this but with this attitude I wouldn't be surprised if everyone hates you

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    • Delusional fool.

      Respect is reserved for people who work hard. Not people who talk the talk but don't do the walk

    • Your definition of respect is that of a simpleton who believes hard work is the definition of respect when in fact hard work is evidence of their own morals. Respect is earned because of a mans moral not the action he takes, but his own beliefs.

      Or am i being a foolish delusional?
      Can you provide me a new name if im right?

  • Just remember, not every educated person is rude.


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  • I do that because im cronically un educated i do view them as better oh well

    • Better is subjective. And if certainly doesn't give them the right to behave however the hell they want

    • Yaeh i know but whatcha gonna do? I mean to the Victor goes the spoils i suppose i stop getting up on my hind quarters by the free passes the "upper echelon "are accorded its pointless to fight it

    • Im on the bottin wrung by No real fault of my own its like there's a caste système in place and its next to fucking impossible to break through it yaeh they rude yaeh that get away with fucking murder but me i dont wanna be rude i dont want to get away with murder all the fringue being its that come along with being one of the "betters" is it worth it? I Doubt it.