How much do you need to backpack for 10 days in turkey?

So I found this travel agency that offers trip to turkey, 10 days for 588€ (including flight)
I only have budget 1058€ for all expenses.
Do you think it would be enough?
And also I want to try hot air balloons in cappodia if that possible with my budget?


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  • im turkish and it really depends on what you will do. hot air balloons are very expensive its not fair, i would suggest doing other things

    • I don't plan to spend my money on shopping, I'm not picky with food, I don't drink and no cigarette,
      Food and hotels provided. So would that be enough?

      And about hot air balloon, I know it's pricey but isn't it worth it?

    • if you already have food and a place to stay its good. im sure you will land in kayseri. its a cheap city to spend. also lots of Asian tourists there

  • I wouldn't bother going there, it's full of assholes and it's filthy, I got food poisoning.


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