Question for people who believe in God or other Deity: Does your belief come from faith or do you think there is evidence for your beliefs?

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  • I do believe in God, mostly because of faith but I find there is evidence as well :)

    • Like what?

    • There's a website called everystudent. com and it's got ago of really good facts on there proving why God has to exist. Really interesting :)

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  • I believe that pancakes will rule everyone in the near future


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  • Faith, that's where it should come from. The bible said faith is what pleases God, so of course I wouldn't be all to caught up in finding proof it God wants me to have faith

  • Just think how everything has been created? Ofc there is god who was and will be forever ofc he was before us and created us and everything
    Just think about it bro :)

    • Everything wasn't created; it always existed

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    • He created us we have to respect him

    • Uh, no he didn't create us

  • Both. God is found in orthodox christianity.

    • And do you think there is evidence for the existence of God?

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    • incorruptible relics that smell like flowers and heal the believers, people with god given foresight and countless others. there IS an after life pal, and only those who rush to grab it will earn it. this guy is "dead" and smiling. (he is more alive than any of us actually). 7 doctors examined the body and all confirmed it would be impossible for the other monks to put that smile on his face. this happened AFTER he "sleeped". (thats how we call death in orthodoxy)

    • What relics are these?