Does anyone know any good career tests to take?

i am so lost on what career i want to pursue, so do you guys know any good tests or websites that can help me? Let me know


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  • I don't know any tests that could actually help you with one of the most important decisions of your life. What helped me was seeing a psychologist who could tell me exactly what kind of person I am and what jobs would cater to my passions.
    Unless you can see a real expert on YOU, I wouldn't recommend taking career advice from a generic test.

  • Talk to an advisor.
    But, all careers are business.
    A general associates in business is a start.
    Then as you go along, add a second degree towards bachelors.
    You graduate with your major in whatever career and a minor in business

  • What are you going to school for? What classes are you taking currently?


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