Who would win in a fight?

Who would win in a battle between General George Patton agents Dwight D Eisenhower

i think ink both these general were in world war 2

lets set up the situation and yes it's 100% made up let go with 2 ten men squads both general are in the battle with them and since neither general was in the South Pacific let have the setting be on an island in the South Pacific so between these two American Generals who do you think would win the battle?

All hypithecal im just kinda board right now
and I know spelling sucks

And by popular vote Eisenhower


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  • i would go with Eisenhower, he is the only one of the two i know

  • I don't think Patton would have been a particularly good squad leader. I don't know a ton about Eisenhower as one, but my guess is he'd be better.

    What Patton was good at was setting strategic objectives, inspiring his men, and allowing local commanders the freedom to achieve the strategic aims using whatever tactics made the most sense in their area.

  • Eisenhower would. Patton was a successful general, but a looney...