Whats your scariest experience?

Me- Nearly murdered by a herd of cows,
I remember saying god- please not this way

I've had paranormal encounters,
I've had other animals try to kill me
I have nearly drowned
I have remained calm in a runaway bus on a highway
I' have had (Admittedly rather boring) premonitions
That takes the cake just by sheer indiginity
Really after myirst couple brushes with death I said, "Fuck it." If I'm going to die I can at least do it with a little dignity


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  • When I was nearly raped and he slashed my arm with a knife, and then again when the police told me that he had raped a 5-year-old girl before me and he broke her hips. He was part of a women hate group online and wanted to hurt as many females as he could. It scares me that there are so many men part of those online hate communities out there looking to hurt me just for being born. I found the forum he used to go on and read the posts and I feel like prey in this world.

    • Thank god you are okay

    • thank you, I have a scar on my arm is all, my heart will always be broken for that little girl though as long as I live. I wish he attacked me before he could ever get to her because I got him put away.

    • She's still breathing and he's in prison
      I'd tell her the best revenge is living well.
      Its a shitty situation but thats what people need to do
      I wish her nothing but happiness though.
      And look at it this way most people aren't asshole rapists

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  • i nearly drowned at a lake.
    p. s it wouldn't be murder if it was by a herd of cows


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  • scariest experience my grandmother leaving the country and leaving me with my mother
    felt my heart drop I was scare I could only imagine what would happen after she left and it did happen so

    • Was your mother bad?

    • no she wasn't nor isn't
      sometimes good intentions are not so good bu then again where ever there is good there is bad

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  • I haven't had any near-death experiences really.
    One time there were two armed criminals who came near my campus, but the campus went on lockdown and I was just in my dorm room doing normal stuff. Maybe I shoulda been more scared. We later learned they actually walked through the campus.

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  • Scariest experience was probably driving on coke. Thought I was cruisin', checked the speedo, turns out I was doing 110...

  • I had a nightmare that Donald Trump got elected president! OMFG!!!

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