Most embarrassing thing, you have ever done.. growing up?

Here's mine, from what I remember, one time I was in the gym with a friend of mine and there was another girl look my way and she kept talking and smiling and I wave back and I say "What? I can't hear you!" and she was like "I'm talking to the other girl, behind you.." and well, after that I sure as hell never replied to someone waving or talking to me from far, lol.


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  • I was about 9-10 and was getting solo pictures of every class mate in class for the wall in school and 1 to take home

    My picture was my sitting in a chair.. With my zipper down with a hard on... The picture was taken and sent to my mum and family

    My dick looks like 1 angry fucking alien seriously

    I never felt embarrassed by it then or now because I had no idea I had a rod on until my mum showed me years later.. Fucking creepy she kept it

    • LMFAO! This is the best one so far!

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  • Am I the only one who never remembers embarrassing moments?

    • Embarrassing moments are hard to forget lol.

    • I dunno. Maybe I have so many that they aren't anything special so I don't remember them.

  • I asked a girl that I liked on a date in front of a bunch of people, I found out the hard way that she had a boyfriend

  • Shitting in my pants as a kid...


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