How can I get the clothing store to let me return items?

Okay so I bought two dresses. I wore them once but I kept the tags on because I ended up not liking them. They are in the same condition. I have the receipt as well. But I went to the store and the lady wouldn't take them back because they were missing another tag. But the main price tags are still on. I want to take them to another store in a different location and see if they will take them. This is so annoying 😡


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  • Why don't you go back and ask to speak to the manager.
    Do you know how many times I've been able to return with no price tags on clothing items?
    I usually say, "This is how it came" and sometimes that is the fact of the matter.
    I think you should try your luck and go back before the time period of returning , runs out.

  • You can just ask for the manager and put up a fight, honestly lol.

  • You bought something wore it now you expect the store to take it back?

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