Do some guys get too shy to ask girls for their phone numbers?

It has been over a year and he never asked me for mine. Pretty sure he likes me he seems quite shy/nervous around me and only me it seems. I would ask him but I feel like if he really wanted to talk to me he would've asked me already. I know I kinda just contridicted myself but I don't know. Can a guy feel too shy when it comes to asking a girl (even a friend) for her number? Is there a chance that he wouldn't want it by any chance or am I just paranoid?


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  • Yeah, a lot of guys do! I'm not shy, but I have never asked a girl fro her number in my life. I only accept numbers if they offer it to me themselves. i don';t want to be labelled a creep for asking numbers.

    Maybe he's just like me, especially since calling guys 'creepy' for very trivial issues has become kinda 'trendy' among girls now. Not saying you would do the same. Just go ahead and ask him for his number.

    • I get what you're saying but how would it be "creepy" when we are just friends?

    • If you're already friends, it may not be creepy. But a lot of girls 'assume' that a guy asking their number is interested in them, and in case they don't feel the same, the 'creep' label gets attached.

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  • he's just too shy. it's either he thinks that you dont like him or you're not showing enough signs ooooooor he doesn't wanna ruin the friendship relationship you guys have.
    he feels like if he ask for your number, it's going to lead to courting you and asking you out, and he's just afraid that if you dont feel the same and he tells you that he has feelings for you, things will chgange

    • I don't know why he would care about ruining anything when we aren't close at all. Isn't it normal for a friend to ask another friend for their number?

  • Of course. Asking for a number is a big step. Try doing it sometime. You'll understand.

    • Even if a friend just asked another friend?

  • No, girls these days are definitely hard to get and please, so i would say he's not comfortable, i'm assuming.

    • I can tell he is definitely not comfortable

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    • 3-4 months? I probably won't see him again for an even long period of time.

    • dam after the months you took off? yeah i say just find someone else honestly, i don't think he's worth it if he's doing that for months.

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