What does this mean? help?

I hung out with a friend (guy) and he tried taking pics of me throughout the whole time we hung out. I kept hiding my face and he said "that's why you don't have a boyfriend." What does this mean? Should i havd been offended?


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  • He may have just wanted to see your reaction to them! Or he likes you and wants to show his friends who the girl is that he hung out with?

    • I really don't think so. He never posts any snapchat stories of me and we're pretty close. I. talk to him about my crushes and he talks to me about girls soo I doubt it.. I did look at his pictures in his phone and he had some really bad off guard pics of me.

    • That's kinda stalkerish to just have tons of photos of you... Especially when you tell him no. He may just have a thing about being able to always see you in photos?

    • Haha I never thought of it that way. I just thought of it as a friend who has some embarrassing pics of you,.

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  • I don't know but may be he is trying to indicate that you are very shy or something.

  • What?

    What was his tone of voice?

    • He was making some jokes about me hiding my phone as he was taking pics of me. He was sort of laughing but his tone was not serious but not really joking.

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