Should I buy the lightsaber?

My birthday is in a few months and I would like to buy something for myself, and I decided that I want to buy myself an Ultrasaber (please don't try to sway me to Saberforge or any other companies). At first I planned to get a stunt saber without sound, but then realized I would come to regret not buying it with sound. I'm in love with the design I've come up with, but it is about $250. Do you think it's a bad idea?

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Just incase anyone's curious, I'm planning on a Prophecy v3 with Obsidian Lite sound, Violet Amethyst, Ultraedge Heavygrade blade (I'm aggressive in dueling), a circle blade plug, and a white illuminated silver switch.


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  • i mean cmon its a fucking lightsaber, birthday or not ofc you have to get one, just make sure you get the right color for you, each color has different meanings... look them up!

    • I'm definitely purple. I still fight for the light side of the Force, but every once in a while I take revenge (in petty situations, i. e. My brother throws snow at me, so I throw snow back). I'm also aggressive without being vicious. So, yeah... Purple.

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    • Shoot. I'm spacing... Is Geonosis where Obi-Wan gets captured in Episode II?

    • droid manufacturing planet! I don't know which movie D:

      anyway follow me because star wars >.< can chat in the future ^.^ im off to bed, 5am here!

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  • Of course u can!


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  • I looked those up and why did I not know these things exist until today! Hahaha. Can you actually fight with them though? I remember seeing some realistic lightsabers a few years ago that were the right size and lit up and made the sounds, but they were fragile and you couldn't duel someone else with a lightsaber too hard or they would break, so I wasn't all that interested. What good is a lightsaber if you can't have a lightsaber fight?

    But if these things can take a hit, I say buy one. They look really neat, and you can have custom hilts and everything. I say go for it, it's okay to treat yourself sometimes :)

    • They CAN break, as can any "toy", but there are different levels of durability. Heavy grade is the most durable. You CAN fight with them, just don't try to swing hard enough to break it!

    • I wouldn't swing hard enough to break it, but I'd want the heaviest durability, and the sounds too. I'd want to be able to have a real lightsaber fight, not just tapping them together haha

    • I don't know what color I'd get though. I suppose blue or neon green.

  • Why would you buy a replica? Buy a real one!

    • It's not a replica. It's a dueling light saber. You CAN fight with it.

    • But it's not a civilised age...

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