Why do you think he acted like this?

There's this guy that I like he was a barman in town but he's recently left his job and town and moved back to where he's from (that should be a good thing) but basically I really liked him and I think he kind of knew it. The story is that I never really talked to him because I'm quite shy and scared of rejection and making a fool of myself. He always had loads of girls flirting and chatting him up while he was working. He's very attractive, and everyone seems to have a crush on him. I wanted to add him on Facebook but was to scared to so I 'followed' him on it and shortly after he sent me a friend request and you have no idea how happy that made me so I accepted it and I logged off and when I logged on shortly afterwards and went to check his page I noticed that he unfriended me. It really really hurt my feelings because he seems to freely add and accept follow (he then sends them a friend request) and friend requests from other random people around town. I just feel really crushed by it and have even cried over it a few times. I even thought he might have done it because he thinks I'm unattractive (he has a lot of attractive girl friends as friends but also some average looking girls on it too). He sent another male friend of mine a friend request and he hasn't even accepted yet. It just hurt my feelings because I feel like he either hates me for no reason at all or he thinks I'm ugly. Before he left his job I got the vibe when I went up to the bar that he didn't want to serve me. I know I'll probably never see him again but there is the slight chance that I might as he has a lot of friends around town. Should I follow or add him again on Facebook or should I just block him? I don't think I could deal with that rejection again.


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  • I think this is a topic where you shouldn't overthink it as he isn't really being kind to you. Friending him back will just be weird if he unfriended you, blocking him will be crazy too if this could've just been a misunderstanding. What I'm trying to say is, don't overthink this or friend him or block him.