Would Muslims care About Palestine or Palestinians if they Converted to Christianity or Judaism?

It seems that Muslims only get angry about establishing a Palestinian state within the people. As long as those people are muslin. i don't see any Muslims being radicalised if Palestinians died but we're Christian


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  • I get the impression the real reason many Muslims care so much about Palestine is they feel they are or ought to be the leading world civilization yet can't help noticing they not only haven't been for some time but may even be losing ground. They have been pushed around and regarded with disdain (the way they used to push around and disdain others when they were ascendant) and it hurts their pride.

    In this kind of situation you either adapt, copy and try to surpass (the way the Japanese have done) or you double down on the superiority of your own ways and get hostile to those who see you as backward.

    You see the same thing with children on the playground.

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