Im going to start a meal plan, but am worried i'll end up losing too much?

So i just recently saw this meal plan and it looked interesting and i am planning to try it. Its a 28 day meal plan and its supose to help you lose the fat, but the keep the muscles.

There is several pros of trying it like:

- reduced fat percentage hence my muscles will show more and i'll look and feel better
- A more stable food budget (im terrible with money and overspending on food)
- its very healthy
- helps me maintain a routine

So there is a lot of pros, but at the same time im worried i'll start something i would have problems ending. I mean either i would have to creat a new program after the 28 days, if i dont do that im worried i'll gain everything back.

Any advice on how to eat after the meal plan? i dont eat junk food, drink soft drinks etc and i very rarely, if ever sugar cravings so i know i won't bindge eat on unhealthy food. But i am kinda worried that i will start eating like that all the time and end up losing too much


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  • Stop when you get where you want to get to


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