What to do in London?

Soooooo i'm going to London around Easter and I don't know whut to do, any ideas?
If you're wondering no i'm not the partying type.



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  • I could just go to the picadilly circus or something and just relax there, because it's an amazing place

  • london eye

    hyde park

    oxford street

    covent garden

    a shitload of stuff

  • - all the major museums in London are free. I think i hit the natural history museum, the victoria and albert and the British museum while i was there. The British museum has all the really good stuff from ancient civilizations they grabbed during the empire, so tbh, thats the highlight for me. Like i walked in, turned left towards egypt and the first thing i saw was the rosetta stone.

    - you'll want to at least walk by buckingham palace, st pauls, westminster abbey, tower bridge, the tower of london. You might want to go in some of them.

    - i toured the tate modern while i was there, i enjoyed it.

    - if you're interested in sports, you could try to see some cricket at Lord's, or a premiere league football match. maybe. I have no idea when U. K. sports seasons begin and end.

    - consider riding on the London Eye


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