POLL - Should I doubt EVOLUTION now? Are my second thoughts valid?

Of course it's true that Chimpanzee DNA is extremely close to ours, Horses are not so close to us, Sharks are quite distant from us, Insects are extremely distant in terms of DNA and so on. Microevolution has even been demonstrated, such as various dog breeds.


They say that our homo sapien species came under 1 million years ago, and the homo genus itself came just under 3 million years ago after evolving from primates. They say that evolution keeps happening all the time... it's a natural selection process. It just HAS to happen. But there's no explaination for current species that haven't evolved AT ALL for hundreds of millions of years? WTF? For example:

- Coelacanth 400 million years
- Tuatara 200 mya
- Horseshoe crab 200 mya
- Crocodiles 140 mya
- Chinese Giant Salamander 170 mya
- Neopilina Molluscs 500 mya

So these guys (among others) stay the EXACT same way for such a long time, but we changed rapidly so many times in just 3 million years?

So maybe we've also been there since forever and these other fossils are just extinct primates (we didn't evolve from them)?

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So basically, these living fossils are extremely well adapted to their environment?

That's pretty strange, there are soooooo many other species who live in the exact same environment, do well and they have seemingly still evolved!!

Why have we evolved so many times in just 3 million years, which is 100 times less... when we were the best surviving and "fittest" species on the planet?


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  • My eyes hurt, so I can't give a good answer because I can't read your entire question-but I want to drop an opinion so I can come back later.
    Intense pressure can cause selection/change to occur more rapidly in a population that say... lives under rocks and never experience much pressure.
    So rapid change is possible just as little to no change is also possible.

    • What intense pressure has there been on other species living in the same environment hundreds of times on other species?

      Other species are just as well adapted if not better. So why haven't some species evolved?

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    • @BelleGirl21 Thanks, I respect you too. I can get super defensive (I'm working on it) But I'm happy we could agree to disagree and everything is cool. There should be more interactions like this on GaG (and in general)

    • LOL.

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  • This is easy: Coelocanths, Crocodiles, Horshoe Crabs, Tuataras etc are NOT specific species but clades of organisms. No species of those clades from the aforementioned times are still alive.
    Here's a species of Coelocanth from 215 mya

    And here's the modern coelocanth

    They look very similar but there are some distinct differences

    • thanks for this, but do you have any PROOF to back up your claim that the species is different under the same genus?

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    • You can't genetically test organisms 10s or 100s of million years old

    • You're right, I was misled.

      Hmm... but it's still strange that these species are identical to the ones found millions of years ago... they are classified as the same species because of this. I mean, a different species would have different features too right? Why else is the scientific community saying that it's the same?

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  • They do not genetically stay the exact same way- only their phenotype does. Because it's the fittest one for their environment and their environment apparently hasn't changed enough to cause them to change, too. When you look into it, it's still logical.

    • So you're saying they are a different species today or the same species?

      Microevolution or macro?

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  • Here's why I doubt evolution from one species to another, it's mathematically impossible. For something to be scientific fact it has to be proven mathematically and so far the theory of evolution hasn't come close.

    • err... what?

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    • Your question asked about evolution nt religion. But since you bring it up evolution is just as much faith based as any religion. Since it hasn't been and probably never will be proven.

    • Never argue with a woman. Even Charles Darwin taught that women are inferior.


  • They didn't have a reason to change. Not all species in the same environment will evolve because they may already have suitable features for a broad variety of environmental changes.

    • What intense pressure has there been on other species living in the same environment hundreds of times on other species?

      Other species are just as well adapted if not better. So why haven't some species evolved?

  • Yes you should and give religion a chance.

    • Not enough proof.

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    • You either believe in one of the two or neither of the two you can't say although this one has flaws too and isn't fully proven either this one is the correct one even though I'm still not 100%.

      What sense does that make?

    • You're just like any other religious nuthead trying to coerce other people. BLOCKED.

      (ps - religion is right about women, I'll give you that)

  • I don't think macroevolution, is true so I think second thought are valid

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  • i'm sorry i'm religious so I say evolution itself is invalid, so any doubts are valid

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    • @lilycaptor

      None of this is directed to you the QA is blocking everyone's option so I go to the next. I've said it once and I'll say it again if you want to block me you better do it completely and not just from this question πŸ˜›

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  • Second guessing is never a bad thing. It is how we find flaws or holes in our colecitve knowledge. You should know that before an idea can be considered a scientific theory it has already undergone years of rewriting, scrutiny, and the same experiments and observations done by many other people in the field. More is know about evolution that there is about gravity but nobody ever tries to say gravity is all made up.

    Yes evolution is constantly happening but like any real science it is the study if what is actually going on rather than what we think should be happening. Sure there are predictions about what humans will look like in a few more million years if we don't kill ourselves off first. Bigger eyes, less hair, bugger brains... But that is just looking at our ancestors and taking the same changes further.

    As for why some things haven't changed much. The simple answer is that they haven't needed too. Every animal takes up a ecological niche and will stay there if they don't have any reason to move. 65 million years ago there was a mass extinction that left huge room for new animals (primarily mammals) to inte new niches. Think of it this way, if you have a decent job that pays well enough to support your family and has good security why leave it. Then your boss decides to retire, you are going to try and get that job aren't you? Or how about this one, you loose your job for whatever reason but still have to support your family so you need to develop new skills and find a new job in order to do so. In this metaphor "you" are the species not an individual.

    • see update

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    • Every single species is a link between what came before and after it. Unless of course that branch of the tree ended with extinction.

      I think "chink in the armor" is an inappropriate term here. Evolution isn't trying to define anything, only trying to study what is there. Are there gaps in the information? Absolutely, and there always will be. There are and estimated 87% of unidentified species alive right now. There is no way in hell we will ever find all of the billions upon billions that have already gone extinct.

    • I know what evolution is, don't treat me like a bigoted creationist.

      Evolution is supposed to be true for all species... there are mutations in every 130 replications iirc, so that means macro evolution would take place within a couple of million years. However some species just don't evolve.

      This somewhat weakens the evolution theory at its very core, although the DNA similarities & fossil depths are quite obviously the reason why evolution is the most likely scenario... but there could be some other explaination.

      It is interesting to note that the coelacanth has found to have a vestigial lung :P

  • Evolution does not occur at a set rate. I'm no biologist, but from what I gather we simply evolve when our environment changes. The planet was barren when the first creatures evolved. They had to be tough. Slowly, the planet becomes more habitable and the necesseties of life become more readily available, so we evolved to the specifics of this new environment.

    All this said, it is the THEORY of evolution. Nobody told you it was a fact. If something is not a fact, then questioning it is good. That is how we progress.

    • see update.

      Yeah I agree, thankfully they still call it THEORY and not law... because it seems fishy now

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    • Regarding the update, have no idea to be honest. I'm a physicist. :D

    • Actually nobody has the answer to that so it's kk :D

  • It's pretty depressing that the poll/answers are not 100% pro evolution. It shows how bad the worlds education systems are these days that a scientific fact well proven countless times is still "not believed." It's not something to doubt or not believe in, it's just a fact that happens.

    • macro evolution has never been demonstrated, and some species never evolve...


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    • I'm saying evolution is probably the most likely scenario... but this is a bit weird

    • It's not weird if you take every specis on the planet some are going to end up being optimal enough for their environment not to need to evolve

  • Evolution is just as fake as Star Trek, Star Wars and the aliens in it. There is no proof evolution exists and there never will be proof of it, ever! There is no proof this world is 4million years old, let alone 400 million or 400,000 for that matter. Those scientists are just a bunch of bull shit artists.

    • It's still WAY more plausible than Adam and Eve

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    • That's wasteful a Christian would turn it into something else if anything.

    • ... like a Christian church or house, lol.

  • You should doupt everything that doesn't have sufficient evidence. That's the basis of science. But in the case of evolution, there is overwhelming evidence from all areas of study.

    • Then why haven't so many species evolved?

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    • There might be an explanation that I'm not aware of, but even so. One anomaly doesn't topple over the mountainous of other evidence.

    • There are literally dozens of such examples... not just one... I listed several above

  • those animals that haven't changed in millions of years have evolved to a point where they are perfectly suited for the environment they live with no need to change.

    • There are so many other species living in similar environments, that are doing well for survival... even better than those other species... and pre-human primates were doing well too... better than these ones

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    • pfft how do you not see the great white shark or the killer whale doing well?

    • i was talking about the pre-human primates

  • I've never believed in evolution. I try not to make fun of people who do, but they just aren't the sharpest crayon in the book so to speak.

    • But it's true (the first line of my question)

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    • Adam and Eve doesn't come from Sumer. Althought, some believe this is where the garden of Eden was. And the Jewish laws given to Israel aren't false or copied. Where do you get this stuff?

    • yes it does.

      Anyways i'm not going to derail this thread.

  • If an evolutionary change occurs (thru gene mutation) but doesn't give a reproductive advantage, the change will often die out. Those animals you mention are extraordinarily well adapted to their environment.

  • EVOLUTION is a lie nothing has ever evolved animals adapt but they don't become something else its a stupid theory anyway

    • Hey, have you ever heard of something called Mayr's law of monophyly?

      "If want to prove evolution wrong, find a way to give creationists whatever they say would prove evolution right" Aronra :)

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    • @adquidorator here's the thing you don't want an answer you want a debate I'm not here to debate you and pull out ever little thing I know, so please stop

    • But evolution is probably the closest explanation to the truth because

      (read first line of my question)

  • JEUSUS is the answer. Evolution is bull shit. Its like saying a fish can become a whale. Just because the are similar.

    • Abrahamic religions are false and copied

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    • You are bullshit. There is no evidence.

    • Am I the one childishly throwing insults? Come on dude, don't be such a fanatic. You're only 13 and it pains me to see how indoctrinated you already are.

      Just like those little girls who can recite the Quran flawlessly. It's pretty sick

  • You should always doubt evolution and everything else. That's how we actually achieve scientific truth and that's the beauty of it. The same can't be said about religion...

  • If they had an environment that suited them well then there was no need to change.

    • This argument is flawed because

      1. THere are so many species living in the same environment that are better suited
      2. Evolution is STILL supposed to happen constantly and cannot be stopped.

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    • Would you not only answer but endorse that question if I asked it?

    • blocked.

  • We are not the 'best surviving and fittest species on the planet'. We might be the most intelligent, but that's not the same thing. Are there more humans or roaches? Which would survive a nuclear war. Who is 'winning' evolution?

    Evolution doesn't happen at a steady pace, it happens in reaction to changes opportunities etc. The rate of reproduction also matters - viruses and bacteria can evolve faster than we do because of how rapidly 100 generations may pass for them, which means a successful mutation can spread very very rapidly.

    • We are certainly much better at surviving and dominating than the species I listed above. And also the fact that there are SO MANY other species living in the same environment...

      Actually macroevolution has never been demonstrated, even with small creatures... if you can call viruses "creatures" lol

  • No, their outward appearance is largely unchanged, we can't ell from the fossil records if they have evolved in other ways.

    Evolution is not always happening, it happens in response to environmental pressure and sometimes do to sexual selection which is like the butterfly effect and can start from a small random variation. No change in the environment means no change. If the environment constrains the population of the organism and doesn't change there will be no evolution or rather any changes will be corrected back to the norm.

    This doesn't happen very often but it happens.

    • So if there has been no change in the ocean environment, then why do we have so many different species of fish?

      And if there has been so much change in the terrestrial environment, then why have those Salamanders, Roaches & Crocs among others not evolved?

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    • "- Tuatara 200 mya
      - Horseshoe crab 200 mya
      - Crocodiles 140 mya
      - Chinese Giant Salamander 170 mya"

      All these have been living in normal environments, and there are many other animals which have showed little evolution over millions of years despite living in the same environments as humans... so why did we change so rapidly and they didn't?

      It's quite strange, you gotta admit...

    • Just to give you another example:

      Tadpole shrimps are found as far apart as China and Scotland, and have survived for 300 million years. That means they survived the Permian extinction, often known as the Great Dying, which wiped out almost every other animal species.