If guy dont give financial support to girl-can he even tell her about money?

for example, there is one guy, who is clingy and he always been in my social friend zone... and lately he started to try to control me, like ask where exactly i was and with who, when i said i am not gonna tell him and its non of his bussines, he disapeared for several month, lol. I didn't care.
But then he appeared again, send me sms, i didn't answer.
and lately he texted me again, i answered, that i can't answer, no money on the phone..
He texted back in a week saying "is that even true? u can always answer for free by email and 1$ isn't that much for one sms..."
he never gave me finance support... how could he even tell what is not that much and what is much?
i blocked him.
what do u think?


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  • Well either way, he's obviously not your kinda person, so getting rid was probably best anyway.


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  • I think that you have issues. You sound like the horrible person.

    • horrible person u see every morning in the mirror

  • He's interested you're not. Rather then taking he hint he directly asked you why you didn't respond more. You lied. Rather then take the hint he called you out on the lie. So you blocked him.

    All seems pretty obvious.

    He only part I don't understand is why you're asking us a question as though your lie was true and he was giving you financial advice.


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