What are your favourite 'feel good moments' in Life?


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  • Sitting on my porch smoking some good tobacco and just feeling the sun on my face, breeze and listening to the birds and animals, good times.


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  • -staying under the covers on a rainy day and cuddling up to my cats and boyfriend
    -going for a ride on my Vespa in the summer, some nice scenerie and stopping for ice cream (alone or with my scooter gang, doesn't matter)
    -having deep conversations with friends and helping them with their (emotional) issues
    -finding the perfect gift for someone
    -accomplishing a personal/professional goal of mine
    -when someone I care about makes me feel appreciated and loved
    -"me" time, listening to music and finding new bands or not doing anything at all, without anyone requesting anything from me. (Big Headphones on, coffee and a cigarette)
    -finding that elusive vintage watch I have been chasing and studying about for months, and finally getting a good deal on one and then when I have it in my hands (victory!!)

  • lying around while reading with no disturbances


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