Is it ok for your best friend to be over the internet?

I have a few questions but first read below.

My dad went to go buy me a grand theft auto game from gamestop about 4 years ago, he came back and told me they didn't have it, but he knew i was a wrestling fan so he brought me back the game wwe12. I'll skip some stuff.

On the game i met someone named james, we clicked almost immidiately we played the game wwe together everyday until like 3 or 4 am. I knew we were going to be good friends, once i got mad at him for beating me, i called him all kinds of names, just mad... but he wasn't mad at me for doing it he was apologizing for beating me, letting me win.. and once i realized that he was actually a friend
i apologized and maannn thats where our friendship sparked..

Im running out of space can't go into details but we became friends, we'd text eachother on kik, we'd tell eachother stuff we were going through, help eachother through it, i mean it was the best relationship I've ever had online and in real life.

we even became such good friends we sent eachother money for Christmas, birthdays, we wrote eachother poems on our birthdays.. we told eachother we loved eachother. he became like a brother to me. But, us playing games together, we made new friends, and one guy in particular

named john, saw our friendship and was jell. he saw us singing together, type/singing.
we copied eachothers style of typing, people couldn't even tell us apart we were so close and alike it was weird. this guy john was jell.. and became friends with both of us.

skip some stuff me and john got into it
and basically he ended up taking my friend away from me.. we started talking less... and less...
they were spending more time together, and soon enough we stopped talking completely, we went from "i love you" to not talking at all.

here's some questions.

1. Is it ok for your best friend to be over the internet?
2. Do you think im over thinking this?
3. Am i wrong for missing him?
4. i still have his kik, should i say hi? or leave him alone?

  • It's ok to have an best friend online, talk to him.
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  • You're weird and overthinking it.
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  • Its ok to have an online best friend, but he has a new best friend, leave him alone.
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  • It's NOT ok to have an best friend online, levae him alone.
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  • It's NOT ok to have an best friend online, but i think you should talk to him.
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  • I have an online best friend too.
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