Why doesn't anyone understand what I'm going through?

I feel so cheated and alone. I declined an offer to something based on what someone told me to do (it was for education not a job so it was a big deal).

I just feel so sad and alone. I'm behind in school by 2 years, all my friends are almost done their training programs. I'm 23.

I went 5 steps backwards when everyone moved forwards.

Some wounds strengthen with time instead of going away.


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  • Why do you feal cheated and alone. Just because you haven't figured out what to do with your life? I dont know many of us do. We just accept as life is and live that way.

    • No. Because I loved that school. Obsessed with it. But I loved it so much it turned into fear. It's hard to explain. The greater your expectations the more scared you are.

      And people's manipulation didn't help. I thought they were on my side but they had their own agenda and are happy watching me fail.

      I miss that school. I was a student there for a month. I miss everyone. Even my professors. I can't tell anyone because it's so sad and I don't know what to do

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    • Some of them might. If you really mad an impact then yes.

    • I didn't. I was depressed and started losing weight, coming to class with unwashed hair. I think the professors were getting very uncomfortable

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