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  • CUZ I DON'T GIVE Two pies!


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  • I watched the video and now I understand something: why soooo many Americans on GaG are absolutely obsessed with feminism (and usually very whiny about it and calling feminists all kinds of names).
    Well, let me tell you something: all these examples that they bring up in this video have NOTHING to do with feminism. Apparently, Americans have forgotten what actual feminism is. These admittedly stupid campaigns (such as trying to forbid the word "bossy") have NOTHING to do with feminism. They have to do with something US culture and media is even MORE obsessed with than feminism: political correctness. Yes, forbidding words is about political correctness, not feminism. It's the same idiotic political correctness that makes people flinch when you say "fuck" on national TV or when you call a black person "nigger". Americans are scared of words. There's this strange idea that somehow, the world might end if you're gonna say certain words out loud. That's especially surprising since Americans take a very radical stance on the issue of right of free speech and even let idiots burn a koran publicly because somehow, that is also considered an expression of "free speech" now.
    At any rate, this really has little to do with feminism. The main purpose is this intense fear deep in the American soul to offend somebody. Americans are scared to death to offend people, that is why political correctness is so strong in the US. Men sitting with wide-open legs on the subway has nothing to do with feminism and that is why it seems so idiotic to most people that anyone would try to prohibit it. But the true reason is political correctness. Many Americans are still stuck in this crazy puritan prudish way of thinking and some of them obviously feel offended by people sitting that way ("Omg, it's sexual! OH NO! Jesus help me, it's sexual!")

    Also, I find the video rather silly because the host keeps saying "they don't even care about the people over there in the middle east and instead make these stupid propositions". EVEN IF these stupid propositions by some American women were actually based on feminism, it's still a logical fallacy that you can only focus on one thing. For example: I find it a good thing that American women fight for the right to show nipples on TV. The stupid nude-censorhsip on American TV is also based on this crazy-prudish mentality and it's good somebody is going against it. That doesn't mean you don't care for the women in the middle east. You can fight

    • against the nude-censorship in the US and STILL fight against the discrimination of middle eastern women in the middle east. The two issues are not mutually exclusive. The fact that American feminists mainly focus on America shouldn't be considered a crime. I mean, come on, it's their home country. If you're an American journalist who focuses on music, you probably also focus on American, rather than foreign music.

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    • i see but they aren't doing it for equality

    • Yes, they're not doing it for equality because they're not actual feminists. If you listen to actual feminists, they DO talk about women's rights problems in Africa or the middle east. I'm not American, so unfortunately I can't name you any real feminists who are American. But for example there's a German woman called Alice Schwartzer who is also somewhat famous in the English speaking world I believe. She's the most famous German feminist and she talks a lot about female circumcision in Africa and these kind of things.
      The reason these self-proclaimed "feminists" in the US talk about these bullshit-topics is because they're actually just stuck-up people getting unnecessarily offended about all kinds of silly things. Not because they're women but because they're stuck-up.

      And yes, of course saving those women in the middle east from death is more important. However, that doesn't mean you can't speak out for BOTH of these issues.

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