Any weird roommate stories, or weird things your roommate (s) do?

Its not really weird, but my roommate seriously hates to wear cloths, she often lounges around the apartment in just panties and a tank top (no bra) that took a while to get used to as her breasts are huge lol. Again not really weird per say, but i had no idea my roommate was like this until i moved in with her. Any one else have any funny or weird or awkward roommate stories?


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  • My roommate once got pissed at this one guy so he stuck an orange on the shower and when he turned on the water... BOOM!


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  • My freshman year roommate told me she wanted to be raped and I was kinda of freaked out by that

    • yeah, i would have been too, and made sure the door was always locked before going to bed!

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  • Umm.. hmmm
    nothing weird with my old college roommates, just the fact they were completely gross.

    One of which I took to the hospital (had essentially swine flu); and drove across town looking to get his meds. Then he pukes in the sink full of dishes and never did them so I did. And he never said thank you or apologized.
    So in short he can rot in hell lol


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