How demoralising is this, it left me speech-less?


“Your lack of employment is not a result of a fragile economy. It is not a reflection of the connections you don’t have or an industry that is difficult to break into. You are unemployed because you are a failure. You, my dear, are unemployed because you possess no desirable characteristics.

This is your fault. Maybe it started with the school you chose for your bachelor’s degree. Your state’s flagship university is not good enough. A degree from there means nothing. You should have worked harder in high school. Yes, even that far back you should have recognized that you were a subpar human being. You should have gone to an Ivy League institution. People that went to Ivy League schools are worthy of jobs.

Did you have internships while at your measly university? I hope you had five or more. If you had any less then you weren’t showing initiative. Three is simply too few. People who had more internships are worthy of employment. You are not.

And that master’s degree? From another state flagship university? Your “ambition” is comical. Please, you should have known that no amount of hard work, publications, or extra degrees would make you wor

People should read this


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  • yeah, that's beyond demoralising, that's horrible. It used to be that you get a college degree so you can get a job, so it's horrible that someone would say you can only get a job with an Ivy League degree.
    And the internship thing bothers me so much. Most internships are not paid, and not everyone can afford to take an unpaid internship. I have to work during the summer to pay for school, I can't afford to be in an unpaid internship from 9-5 every day in the summer. Expecting applicants to have 5 unpaid internships just makes it so only rich people can get jobs, and the poor who are trying to better themselves by going to school stay poor and unemployed.

    • Internships cost money you pay your own transport cost and you have to have a side job to cover living expenses but it shows the true grim picture of today's world

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  • Something is only offensive if it kneads an insecurity ie some part of yourself finds it to be true. It's just stupid and nasty, to an almost comical level. Was it personally directed towards you?

    • It served as a wake up call

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  • it started out that way, but only the 1st paragraph.

  • Who would say that and why? That's terrible

    • Dude you are young please take that piece of writing to heart and know what is installed for you so you can prevent that from happening to you