Would you remain friends with this guy?

This guy wanted to hang out so I hung out with him but then he kept speaking about movies where the main characters eat human waste so I got rid of him. Did I do the right thing?
Also, he kept putting other people down and poking fun of people just for being people. What was with him?


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  • There are two cases here:

    In case 1: I would say you were a bit harsh on him, I mean I understand that him speaking about such movies was disturbing for you, but then did you tell him that? did you explain to him that it makes you uncomfortable and that you don't want to hear all this again? did you give him a chance? From your post it doesn't look like that? I am not saying that you were wrong to get rid of that person, but I believe you should have at least told him, you should have given him at least one chance.

    However did that guy know that you don't like hearing about these things/movies? may be he didn't know that, it's possible right?

    In Case 2: This is serious, that is not a right behaviour at all on his part, and in this case you're right to break up with him. It's not right to just put people down.

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