Do you think this means anything?

I like a guy that has a long distance girlfriend. She likes all of his posts on Facebook. The other day I posted a cute picture of me and him and she did not like it. Do you think it means anything?


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  • like another guy.

    • I would like to know if it means anything. I am convinced that they will break up. I'm way better for him than she is.

    • respect his relationship. youd want someone to respect urs right?

      it means she did not like the picture.

    • I am choosing not to respect it. I am hitting, flirting, and going after him. If he doesn't want this or me, he could back off. It's all up to him. If a girl did this to me I can't say that I'd like her, but it's not her fault, she just likes the guy I like and it would be up to him to decide. It's also long distance. It probably won't last. All I really want to know is if it means anything that she didn't like the picture.

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