Do you think this is fair? I don't?

So I got a consistent grade of A- in this course. The final grade was also an A-. But when I saw my uploaded mark on the transcript it was a B.

I was confused. I asked the professor and he stated that the policy for the course was to deduct 1% from your overall grade based on lack of attendance. So 7 classes missed resulted in 6% being deducted. Apparently this was on the course outline.

Now, I had assumed it meant 1% on the participation grade not the overall grade! I've never heard of a policy like this.

I respect the professor and realize he wants to comply with rules. But as I explained to him, it isn't fair for a good student like me who has been studying for the finals and the midterms to get an A- to get a B, when there are students who are barely passing the midterms and finals and are also attaining a final grade of B.


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  • Rules are rules

    • First of all, there is already a participation component!!! How can there be two penalties that's crazy.

      On top of it, there was absolutely no verbal participation it just was coming to class. I don't understand this at all

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    • I commute (1 and a half hour drive to school).

      This is 7 classes in a whole semester. That is really not that much. People never come to class.

      Think about it. You're telling an admissions committee you did badly because you missed some classes. And there's a mediocre student who went to all classes and didn't do shit and got the same mark. It doesn't add up

    • Even if there's 100 class your still absunce 7% of tge time and the point of removing that 6 percent is to remind you and if I was on the board I would take a bad student over a constant skipper any way the way I see it is I don't matter why you late you just are just like if a had tge best resion to shot you I'm still going to prison

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  • It is fair, usually in the syllabus its really clear and even more so in your first lecture unless they've failed to tell you. In my class this is the same too

  • Part of the overall grade is participation. Pretty much all of my classes are like this. Even if it's not fair to you, it's just how it is.

    • No, there is already a separate component for participation. It is marked out of 5. So I didn't understand why there are two counts for participation.

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