Making good first impressions?

people say I'm really outgoing and can talk to strangers easily but since I have an anxiety thing I'm actually quite shy and awkward, but I try not to show it. I'm starting in a new school in a month and I know no one and I'm not sure how to react to people. Also if someone asks what I like to do for fun, I never know what to say, because I don't really do much besides art, reading and watching anime (people also judge me when I say I like anime because I tend to get a bit too enthusiastic). What should I do if the teacher asks me to introduce myself?


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  • Thank god my teachers never did that haha they just say Oh got a new student and say my name and I sit down. Usually I wait for someone to talk to me or if i'm confused I talk to them first. I'm also shy at first haha but when I moved schools I get fine if someone talks to me. Plus let's hope your teacher does things where you have to be paired up because that helps in getting new friends

    • haha yeah, last time it took sadly a week before I made friends :D but then I made some really cool friends.

    • It took me maybe two days haha its scary being in a new school with new people haha

    • yeah but I really enjoy meeting new people :3

  • I say just be your werid self! Why would you want people to like a fake you?