My friend's dog attacked my dog. What should I do?

My friend just adopted a 7 month old dog this weekend, so last night I brought my dog over for a play date. My friend's dog is young and very exuberant and also heavier than my dog (they're about the same height), and my dog was somewhat overwhelmed by the excitement but for the most part they played well together. Well out of nowhere, the other dog pinned my other dog on the ground and started biting her. My dog was trying to defend herself but there was nothing she could do. We were yelling and trying to snap them out of it but it wasn't working. After a couple minutes, even though you're never supposed to break up a dog fight with your hands, I grabbed my friend's dog by the collar and pulled her off. My poor dog was terrified. We waited for them to calm down (didn't want to leave on a bad note) and then went home. She has a few bite marks, but the skin was only broken a little on her shoulder.

I'm taking her to the vet after I get off work today (I didn't find the cut on her until late last night). I was upset at my friend for not controlling her dog more, but to be honest I don't think her dog is aggressive; I think she was just playing roughly and didn't know when to stop.


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  • Bring up your concerns to your friend.
    The fact that she is a new dog owner, shows that she doesn't have as much experience as you do.
    You have to be willing to help her train her dog for better behavior.
    If you're very concerned about your dog getting injured again, and your friend doesn't seem as if she's willing to stick up (and be more strict), then you have to keep the two dogs separated.
    I know it sucks...
    but you have to avoid the situation so the same encounter doesn't happen again.


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  • what should you do in terms of legal action? or just taking care of your dog? because going to the vet is my only suggestion in that regard.

  • It wasn't deliberate and something out of you and your friends control. Just don't put the dogs together again


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  • Dogs can be dogs and these things do happen! Dogs often get overwhelmed and play too rough but in the end they don't really get hurt unless your dog has yelped or cried. I wouldn't worry much about it, just introduce them again if you want-- but give it some time. Just tell you friend to hold her dog, whilst you hold yours and get them to sniff etc.

  • I think you should take them to court because they obviously cannot control their animal. They will give you compensation for your dog's medical bills.

    • *friendship over*


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    • its all good, I was just making a joke lol.