Do you think democracy works/would work in every country?

"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others which have been tried"

~Winston Churchill

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  • No, it is suited better to some countries than others- Some countries work better with other systems
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  • Democracy can ONLY work with an incredibly well-informed, knowledgeable, and educated voting electorate. Since this is not the case in the vast majority of countries, it is a terrible government system for most countries. If your voter is not educated enough to understand the issues, to understand the knock-ons those issues will cause, and understand sensible ways to address those issues, on their own, then they will be at the mercy of being told what the issues are by the media. And then it is not them that are actually voting, it is the media that is controlling their vote. Then it becomes a case of who spends the most, who has the best buzzwords, who gets the people fired up the most... not about who is actually going to do anything.

    The USA is a great example of a voting electorate that consistently votes for people that do not have their best interests at heart. They vote for people with platforms that will weaken their own standard of living. And they do it consistently, over and over. So much so that their entire political structure has become dominated by two flavours of the same party. It is getting quite close to Soviet democracy. The US essentially is a one-party system hiding behind the face of a two-party system, and you can vote for the 'civil rights' flavour of the America Party, or the 'guns and God' flavour of the America Party, and that's it. If 60% of the American people wanted to dismantle the military-industrial complex, they can't. This is a typical problem of two-party arrangements - they tend to blur together and just disagree very strongly in trivial 'flavour' components that make great political wedge issues. It describes itself as a democracy, but in no real way does it resemble one. It's a "Kang and Kodos" situation..."You have to vote for one of us". The fact that there is such a strong anti-intellectual movement in the USA just makes it worse. A lack of education, a lack of real understanding of the issues in a scientific, measurable way, makes a vote meaningless. It makes it noise. And it completely destroys the ability for democracy to work.

    If you had legislation that said "you are only eligible to vote if you have passed two or more years of university level political science, economics, philosophy and ethics classes with an 80% grade or higher"... then you might have an electorate informed enough to actually vote for people to represent the country. When the voter requirement is 'you are born', the results are noise.


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  • I actually think democracy is unsuitable everywhere. Even the dumbest of the dumbest get the right to vote once they reach the age of 18. What the hell! Some of those people are illiterate! WHY CAN THEY VOTE?

  • Democracy doesn't work anywhere.
    No country has true democracy.
    Democracy ONLY works with caveats.

  • Nope, democracy never works...

    Plato: "You see my friend the three shepherds on the hill? As long as they can outvote me and Socrates, and then makes decisions, I will not believe in democracy".

    Socrates: “Democracy will pay because they will try to reply to everyone:
    1. The poor will want possessions of the rich - democracy will give it to them.
    2. Young people will want to be respected as a man, a woman will want to be
    as a male, the party will want the rights of indigenous people - democracy will give it to them.
    3. The thieves and fraudsters will want important state functions - democracy will give it to them.
    4. And when thieves and fraudsters finally democratic, take power, because criminals and strive for power, there will be a worse tyranny than during any monarchy or oligarchy".

    Basically - It's true, Democracy is the worst form of government ever.