My dad freaks out and complains over everything?

First off my dad complains about eery single thing there possibly is. He complains daily about how I never walk the dog. If i dont its like the world is going to catch on fire and blow up and we are all goin to die. he's very dramatic. He complains about washing dishes and then acts like I have a huge problem doing that. They are just dishes i eill do it. He will tell me to do it and then do it right after. He complains about the house being absolutely filthy yet when people come over they say it is the most clean house they have seen. He claims i live dirty... my room and batroom is spotless because He freaks out. Today he almost had a heart attack because the backyard door was unlocked. What the hell is going to get in the house a demon? We live in a prestine neighborhood... I doubt someone is goin to hop our fence and break in! He acts like if he doesn't do certain things or keep things the way they are that he is going to die or something. He is older like in his late 60s maybe thats why? But Why is he always complaining and why does he overreact to every little thing possible? I can't move out right now and I can't take it! Help how do I deal with this.


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  • Old man menopause.


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  • You should make him aware of how his behaviour is affecting his relationship with you - tell him he is harder to respect and love when he does this.

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