Did I discourage these 2 girls? Should I have not said what I said?

i known these 2 girls for 10 years now. We're both great friends. I asked this girl out 2 days ago and she said yes and me and these 2 girls went out for coffee cause they wanted to catch up. I mention my girlfriend and they were happy for me but then i said "she is by far the most beautiful girl in the world", then they both kinda went silient and they were not really smiling that much after that. We still has a good time but did what i say bother them?

For the girls on here would that bother you?


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  • I wouldn't really care haha it's your girlfriend.


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  • That silence could have meant anything or nothing; it is hard to tell. What I think is most likely, is that they are in fact happy for you, but perhaps slightly jealous that you have found someone while they are still single.
    This is pure speculation and you should not take that to be the truth of course. It is one of the many things it could be.

    What I am sure of, is that discussing or talking about your girlfriend is a perfectly normal thing to do with friends. If it did bother them, that is not your fault, but you could take it into account for next time. I think it is best if you simply disregard the silence, since it could mean anything. If this were to happen again, you then could think about simply not talking about your girlfriend (as often) with those girls.

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