What the heck is going on?

So, it's second semester and we got new people in the class. And there's this one dude that sits next to me. Since there's new student I'm a humble person. Our seats are in rows. We were doing this periodic table with our name and being creative. He kept looking over what I was doing.. Every time I look over I see him looking at me. I was talking to my friend behind him and was looking at me while I talk to my friend, and it's only the second week of school.

And lately guys have been glancing at me for a couple of seconds. Not the dirty look of course. So I don't know what's up..


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  • They probably think ur pretty/cute/hot. or maybe there's some rumour spreading about u (highly unlikely).

    • He doesn't know me, and there's no tumors going on about me I didn't do anything bad.

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    • ok then just stay friendly once u both become familiar u can just ask outright why he stares at u and as long as its nothing embarrassing he will say the reason. or just tell him that the staring creeps u out and ask him to stop just dont be mean

    • thanks for the MHO i hope u figure it out

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