How do you make an alien talk?

OK, me and my family live in small town in Northern Georgia and back in the 1950s a bunch of aliens abducted my grand pappys' wife and never gave her back. Then in February 1961 one of them landed with a space capsule that had some weird alien writing in it. The alien also had a helmet that said "CCCP" on the top. My grand pappy pulled a shotgun on him and took the alien back home and for the past 54 years we've been trying to get him to tell us where his wife is. I even tried puttin two jumper cables attached to a car battery to his hangers but he still won't tell us where she is (he just screams allot). Any advice?


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  • So youve got a Russian СССР (Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик) locked in your house?

    • I think he's an alien

    • But those look like the letters in his ship

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  • Swag Loading...

  • Potatoes in the poop-hole always make those kind of aliens talk.
    Trust me. I'm one of them.