Was it a fair trade?

Im in graduate school and have saved some money from Christmas, but thats about it.
My boyfriend works at ups and has a couple thousand dollars.
He doesn't have a car though, and I always have to drive 40 mins to his place when we get together a couple times a month. If I get there with an empty tank (i usually pay for my own gas), he offers to put 10-20 dollars in it for me.
A couple days ago the oil on my car needed a checkup. We knew it was going to cost a loottt (its a lot to me at least). So he asked how much i have and I said 15$. That was literally all the money i had in my wallet. He said he would cover the rest with his money. The total came to 80-ish dollars so he just covered it all but kept my last 15$.
I didn't want to say anything bc i was grateful he paid for it, but at the same time... that was the last of my money😭
If he didn't have thousands of dollars in his wallet at the time, i wouldn't of questioned it.. but he has money. And he knows i was fired from my job and that was the last dollar i used. Was it a fair trade, or am i just being selfish?


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  • Yes, he was 100% wrong if he KNEW that $15 was all you had.

    If he was a normal mature man in a mature relationship, he'd want to protect you. Instead, his taking your $15 leaves you with no money thus exposing you to risk if you needed that $15 for some reason.

    He should see my answer to this question.


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  • Well if he knows you need the money, I would assume he would've just covered it and gave you some extra as its what I would do for my boyfriend and vice versa. I mean technically it was, and it was very nice of him, but then again for future gas money how are you going to fill it up

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