Did anyone here the theory that the sinking of the "Titanic" was actually the biggest case of insurance fraud in history?

OK the story goes like this: shortly after she was launched, the RMS Olympic (Titanic's sister ship) collided with a British warship the HMS Hawke and caused severe damage to her stern. The Insurance company was unwilling to pay for the damages because the evidence indicated that the Olympic had been at fault for the collision. Knowing that the ship would have to be rebuilttp fix the damages, White Star Line (the owners of the Titanic and Olympic) swapped their names and sent the (real) Olympic out on the "Titanics" maiden voyage where the crew was supposed to hit an icepurg and sink the ship to destroy the evidence of the whole fraud. But the plan went awry because the rescue ship was further away than it was supposed to be resulting in so many deaths. Since Titanic was a brand new ship, she would insured for her building cost (in fact prior to her sinking White Star line got a 120% insurance policy as opposed to the usual 75% for the "Titanic")

Did anyone here the theory that the sinking of the


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  • No, it was just the one of the biggest cases of stupidity in the world, it wasn't carrying it full load of lifeboats on purpose and it it was carrying them then it would have been able to carry all passengers to safety

  • Fun Fact - There was a book that came out a few years before the titanic disaster about the world's largest ship... hitting an iceberg... and sinking

    • It was also a seemingly good way to kill off lots of rich people all at once~

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    • While this is true, most of the richest people in the world at that time were on the boat

    • Yeah they got the position wrong about a mile

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