What are the ideals in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?


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  • there were none. The population was drugged down on those "happy pills", and every time someone was feeling blue they got a day off and were essentially told to take a chill pill.
    If i recall right there's even this scene where... was it the savage, that throws away a bunch of pills for some of the workers, and one of th workers commit suicide by jumping (after the pills).

    Some call it a satire of the liberal society, but personally i think that's too easy (and fitted to one's personal agenda).

    It describes a world where everyone is perfectly healthy and the world is technologically develped. There is no war, and everyone is happy artificially (notice that detail). The cost is that everything we today think of as happiness; family, art, litterature, religion, philosophy, science, culture... its all gone. All that's left is drugs and a pmoiscious sex life.

    It is simply a criticism of a desperate hunt for happiness through any means necesary, especialy constant consumerism. In the novel there is put a heavy empathis on pshycosocial theories, both from freud and pawlow to mention some.

    There are no clear politicla undertones (unlike what some like to believe), it is simply meant as a criticism of passification through mindless happiness.

    It stands in contrast to, but also in similarity to 1984. Both predict a state of tyranny, but where1984 predicts the excessive usage of power and missinformation/propaganda, brave new world predicts the usage of nonsens to pacify and happiness (no point hiding anything if nobody bothers to read it or do anything).

  • Ideals? What do you mean?

    I guess, ideally, you'd want to be an Alpha, but I'd rather be the Savage.

  • That was the problem, it didn't have any. Those in charge were simply managing the human race to maximize it's happiness (defined as materially as pleasure). There wasn't any point beyond that. Huxley's satire was to show the vacuity of the goal of liberal society.


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