Psychopath or nah?

I like him. Almost love him. He isn't the most attracrive guy in the world but i still think he is quite handsome ^°^

My parent say he looks like a psychopath and to watch out. He has a fucked up life and self medicates 💔. He can be twisted but i dont think he'll be the dangerous type if he actually turns out to be one. I never felt threatened or intimidated by his vibe or presence. On the contrary.. I felt at home and secure. Maybe I am a psychopath too lol jk. I do have some small tendencies but i wouldn't consider myself one.

Just wondering if you guys see it as well. I say never judge by looks by I read that psychopaths have a certain look. Does he have dead eyes? Or sad eyes? I don't know. Lol

Psychopath or nah?

For those who seen this the second time... Dont worry. Im deleting the other one. (I didmt like the set up). I don't know how but im figuring out :P. Be patient dont attack.
I said my PARENTS saif he looks like one. And i did say i dont judge by looks but i've rrad thst psychopaths have a certsin look and that i was curious.


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  • You can't look like a psychopath!! Ha-ha

    Sorry but I am going to say this but either you are are a troll or your parents are pure judgmental assholes!


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  • I stopped reading at "he looks like a psychopath". You can't look like a psychopath, that doesn't make sense.

    • I know but i read you can but eh.. I don't know. I dont think he does.

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