Omg what do you guys/girls think of my new acne remover?

I think it's going to do wonders ;)

Omg what do you guys/girls think of my new acne remover?

My life has never been better!!!

  • Where do I get one?
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  • I'd kill my parents to own it!
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  • I'd murder an entire village
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  • I literally shat a brick
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  • My balls are so moist
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  • My pits are dripping
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  • Can I get three? ... one for my face and the other two for my back & thigh acne ;)
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  • u just discovered this home remedy now? good morning!

    • I know, I'm disappointed in myself as well. Please don't hold it against me @ justbanANNAz I don't think I would be able to live with myself.

      For you are the only thing that I care about in this world, you showed me light when I was lost in darkness, you were my ears when all I heard was silence, you were my hope when I was trapped in despair.

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    • Drake is wannabe hustler who is proven to be bitch-made claiming he started from the bottom when he was doing work on a Canadian teen drama growing up working the sympathy card because his character was wheelchair bond.

      I'm Aristotle on weekdays and a drunken Pluto on weekends philosophizing about the stars, planets and shit... Me & my crew get wrecked while analyzing global economics.

    • yeah he has his moments.

      ah ok ill remember that.

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